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WoundCoach- AI Engine that integrates the latest resources and tools from the Skin & Wound Care Guidelines Manual.

Empowering clinicians with instant access to comprehensive resources, it simplifies complexity and elevates care delivery.

A powerful wound care clinical educational resource for you and your staff with varying levels of wound care experience.

Beta Version Available on Desktop and Mobile Devices

Learn more about the Skin & Wound Care Guidelines Manual here

What is the Benefit of WoundCoach to my Company/Organization
  • Pulls from the the most current wound care policies and procedures in the USA.
  • Intuitive, easy- to-use chatbot with access to current standards of care to help and improve wound care knowledge.
  • The current standards of care help ensure your wound care program and staff will be legally defensible when they follow the procedures in the manuals.
  • Easy to use and implement all policies and procedures in the manual.
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