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Nancy Morgan Wound Care is committed to revolutionizing wound care, ensuring that physicians can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional healthcare while maximizing practice success.


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Your trusted partner in elevating patient outcomes and enhancing physician income.  Our innovative wound care consulting company is proud to unveil a range of cutting-edge products designed to empower physicians in providing superior care to their patients.

From advanced wound dressings to state-of-the-art healing technologies, our offerings are meticulously crated to accelerate recover and optimize patient well-being. much of such as:

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By incorporating our products into your practice, physicians can not only elevate the standard of care but also witness a substantial increase in patient satisfaction and wellness, leading to enhanced practice growth.

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Plasma Skin Regeneration

NeoGen PSR nitrogen plasma technology delivers controlled heating to the skin architecture, stimulating a significant physiological response without creating an open wound.

NeoGen converts nitrogen gas into plasma energy.  The plasma emerges from the hand piece in controlled pulses and rapid heating of tissue occurs as it gives up its unique thermal energy to tissue.  It creates a natural dressing to provide protection and speedy healing.  At high energies the epidermis sheds, but only after a new, healthier skin architecture if formed beneath.

Point of Care Dispensing

Point of Care dispensing opportunities through the DispenseDoc program provides several revenue streams as you dispense medication to your patients.

Saving time and effort for your patients, improving their satisfaction and speeding up their healing process by providing medicine on-site.

  • Private Insurance Reimbursement
  • Patient Cash & Carry
  • Workman’s Compensation


Maximum Claim Reimbursements

Designed to quickly and easily recover unpaid or underpaid medical claims by leveraging AI and proprietary access to data.

Deep learning algorithms and natural language processing are used to fully automate claim resubmissions, making Remitz RECOVER one of the most robust AI medical billing appeal frameworks for organizations across the industry.

  • Streamlined Onboarding
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Effective
Science Redefined; Health reimagined

Through our Patented Extended Activation process, we offer the only shelf-stable solution on the market, ensuring convience and efficacy.

Supported by clinical trials involving exosomes, our product utilizes their potent properties to enhance skin health and rejuvenation, offering a comprehensive solution for maintaining radiant and youthful skin. 

Epidermal Nerve Fiber Testing

Minimally invasive diagnostic tool that measures the density of never fibers in the skin. 

The testing is important and will help physicians make more accurate diagnosis of IPN, which can lead to more effective treatment options and can help prevent unnecessary opioid prescriptions.

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