Skin and Wound Care Guideline Manual Collection

A comprehensive guideline collection of 5 manuals including clinical and patient education, policies & procedures and clinician forms and resources


Skin and Wound Care Guidelines Manual Collection

It is estimated more than half, or 59% of  healthcare managers are concerned with staffing levels. Considering the current trend of staff turnover and inexperienced clinicians serving wound care, there is a huge need for proper wound care clinical education as well as policy and procedures.

Today there is no commercially available, comprehensive PNP manual in wound care for the post-acute market.

The Skin and Wound Care Guideline Manual from Wound Pro Publications is the only manual collection for this purpose.

A comprehensive collection of 5 manuals including patient education, direct care worker education, clinical education and policies & procedures and clinician forms.

Wound Pro Publications in Partnership with Nancy Morgan Wound Care has developed a comprehensive Skin and Wound Care guideline manual.  The collection provides Home Health agencies with peer reviewed tools and resources, needed to ensure current wound care standards and protocols are implemented by the wound care team at each of the agency’s locations.


A collection of education and policy guidelines that offers the most complete current standard of care.

Volume 1
Clinical Education Guide

A comprehensive skin and wound management training manual based on today’s standards of care. The manual is designed to help keep clinicians current in the care of their clients or patients.

Volume 2
Patient & Family Education Guide

A specially written, pictorial, learning guide for patients and their families. This guide helps them understand their condition, treatment requirements and procedures to manage their wound.

Volume 3
Direct Care Worker Education Guide

A specially created document designed to walk a non-clinical, care worker through the learning steps of essential skin and wound care. This invaluable tool is a necessary aid for a layperson who is responsible for the wound care management of a client or patient.

Volume 4
Skin and Wound Care Policies & Procedures

This complete set of protocols, policies & procedures was created from today’s current standards of care. These policies provide the proper methodology to keep your agency and clinicians current and legally defensible.

Volume 5
Clinical Forms & Infographics

A complete set of templates, forms, guides and resources to help the clinician properly document and manage a patient’s wound care.

What is the Benefit of the book to my Company/Organization
  • The most current wound care policies and procedures in the USA.
  • Saves valuable staff resources from constantly updating old, outdated procedures that could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in staff hours and lost revenue.
  • Ensures and maintains consistency.
  • The current standards of care help ensure your wound care program and staff will be legally defensible when they follow the procedures in the manuals.
  • Easy to use and implement all policies and procedures in the manual.
  • The hard copy set is in 5 independent manuals, three-ring binders for convenient office reference.
  • A digital edition is available for field and customer site use.