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Wound Care

Education, Essential Tools & Advanced Technology.

A Wound Management Program Should Encompass:

Knowledgeable clinicians who ulitize current standards of care & technology to implement the right course of treatment.

Our Solution Covers Every Aspect.

Comprehensive Clinical Guidelines & Tailored Implementation Services

Our clinical guidelines are rooted in the latest evidence-based care practices. They seamlessly blend clinical education, policies, procedures, and essential resources for clinicians. These guidelines are more than mere safeguards; they empower healthcare providers to uphold the pinnacle of wound care standards consistently.

We can pinpoint your unique needs through an individualized risk assessment and determine the most effective implementation strategies.

Onsite or Online Education Programs

Wound Prevention Program:

Designed for CNAs, MAs, and direct care workers, this curriculum delves into the causes and risks of pressure injuries and underscores the importance of prevention. It also trains participants to detect skin color changes, optimize patient positioning, and identify key pressure points.

Essential Program:

Dive into a comprehensive skin and wound course designed to synchronize interdisciplinary clinicians, ensuring they uphold the most recent standards at the patient’s bedside.

Advanced Wound Care Program:

Designed for those poised to lead, this program dives deep, equipping clinicians to take charge of wound care strategies within their organizations.

Evidence - Driven Treatment

Nancy Morgan Wound Care has partnered with Rising Tide Reference Laboratories (RTRL) to introduce a groundbreaking microbial lab bundle.

This comprehensive package offers thorough testing anchored by evidence-driven treatment recommendations and wound management protocols.

We deliver interactive molecular reports enriched with the Sanford Guide and the Nancy Morgan guideline manual using Eden Software Solutions.

The diagnostic detects up to 28 microorganisms across panels like UTI, Wound, and Respiratory.

This laboratory management solution benefits medical professionals by: 

  • Improving practice workflows,
  • offering cost efficiencies, and
  • reducing space and labor demands.

For clinical laboratories, state-of-the-art software seamlessly integrates with existing LIS/LIMS systems.


Cutting- Edge Technology

Coming Soon

This software gives clinicians with a state-of-the-art solution that integrates precise wound measurement, advanced 3D imaging, and photography using a mobile device AI-driven feedback to ensure optimal image quality.

This comprehensive tool standardizes the wound assessment process and optimizes patient care by streamlining wound management and offering real-time insights for more effective treatments.

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Need an Individualized Risk Assessment?

We’re ready to collaborate with your clinical team to help you identify needs and establish the best wound care solutions and strategies for optimal results.

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