Wound Care Risk Assessment

Wound Care Risk Assessment.

Continuous assessment, adaptability, and a patient-centered approach are essential in wound care management for your Long Term Care Facility, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facility.


What level of Risk is your facility and your patients?

  • Implemented
  • No Current Deficient Practices
  • Partially Implemented
  • Currently working to improve the process
  • Not Implemented
  • Recent Citation

In partnership with Davis Clinical, we will walk you through a Wound Care Risk Assessment for your Facility to help you determine the risk of your patients, staff and facility as a whole.  Our implementation services will help minimize the time to roll out a wound care program that fits your facilities specific needs.

Why Choose us for your Wound Care Assessment:
  • Are you in survey trouble with wounds?
  • Do you have a high number of wounds in your facility?
  • Do you have a new wound care nurse who needs some assistance?
  • Do you have a new DON that needs wound care expertise?
How we can HELP:
  • Support new DON or wound care leaders to revise the wound care program.
  • Facility-specific needs assessment ON-SITE with your leaders.
  • Handheld roll out of wound care manual that is evidence-based and uses best practices.
  • Wound care competency training
  • Assist with wound care formulary management & workflows.


Why your Facility Needs a Risk Assessment.


  • Undetermined wound care formulary
  • Lack of standardization with wound care orders
  • Unnecessary hospitalizations
  • CMP citations related to wound care.


  • Recent survey issues with wound citations
  •  Resident hospitalizations related to wounds
  • Evidence-based best practices for nursing procedures.


  • New leadership transition
  • Policy & Procedures are outdated


Resident Outcomes

  • New or worsened resident wounds
  • Recent resident and family complaints regarding wound care management
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