Case Review for (Aspiring) LNCs

6- Figure Legal Nurse

Case Review for (Aspiring) LNCs

This program will enlighten nurses, and specifically wound care nurses, on what materials is examined when a lawsuit is brought forward. Some statistics regarding wounds in the US are discussed. The charge of the LNC/Expert Nurse is demonstrated through a wound care case review. Nurses who are interested in pursuing LNC work, will get an introduction, and those who are not, will learn some of the key areas to avoid in their practice to prevent lawsuits and survey issues.


Program Goals:

1. Discuss and learn what attorneys & LNCs look for when considering bringing a suit forward.

2. Discuss the role and tasks of a Legal Nurse Expert/Expert Nurse.

3. Review the suit process.

4. Review and discuss an actual defense expert report.

5. Review standards of care as cited in reports.

  • The legal process in filing a suit
    • Complaint
    • Discovery
    • Settlement meetings
    • Trial
    • Verdict
  • What does an attorney and LNC who accepts a case do?
  • Standards of care are discussed-they are key to any negligence case.
  • Standards of care for wounds.
  • Legal elements of negligence
  • Common problems in wound cases that I see
  • A wound care case for the defense is discussed with the report process.
  • Some information on becoming an LNC is provided.

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