Decoding Wounds

Decoding Wounds with Joyce Gerodias & Nancy Morgan

Detective's Guide to
Wound Care:
solving the Healing Puzzle

Strategies to Enhance Patient Outcomes

Join us for an immersive ONE-DAY seiminar where we delve into the secrets of wound care.  Our detective-themed event will equip you with the latested knowledge, tools and strategies to enhance patient outcomes.

We’ll put on our detective hats and “decode” wounds together, starting with Wound Assessment.  This captivating detective work reveals secrets hidden beneath the surface:


We pinpoint the wound’s location like a treasure map


Is it a dashing incision, a rugged laceration or a battle-worn abrasion?

Tissue Drama

  • Granulation Tissue: The HERO, healing with grace.
  • Slough: The VILLAIN, causing trouble.
  • Necrotic Tissue: The ENIGMA, shrouded in mystery.

Grow your knowledge and
Crack the code to
wound healing

Evidence Collection

Precision measurement of:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth

Our compass to navigate the wound’s depths.


The wound’s emotional state:

  • Amount
  • Color
  • Consistency
  • Scent

The Enigmatic Wound Edge

Macabre Mysteries, Beware of:

  • Maceration (Softening)
  • Tunneling (Hidden Passages)
  • Rolled Edges (Wounds playing-hide-and-seek)
Peri-wound Skin, Observe:
  • Redness
  • Warmth
  • Edema 
  • Any skin theatrics- eczema, callous, hyperkeratosis 

Types of Wounds

Each has a captivating saga, from incisions to pressure injuries


Policies and Procedures Interrogation- Follow the Rules!

Skin Surveillance

Peri-wound Skin Surveillance:

  • Detect signs of maceration, excoriation and infection.

Click on each file below for details on this Top Secret Case:

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Nancy Morgan Wound Care, Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing Continuing Education Provider # 17756 for 6.0 Contact Hour. Certificate must be retained by the licensee for a period of 4 years after course completion

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